A quality effluent management system keeps the city clean and functioning.

ABES, the premier civil engineering firm in Memphis, Tennessee has a rich experience in designing water and wastewater system. Our team has designed large wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), lift stations, pump stations, sewer systems, and a potable water network.

ABES has the following certifications for analyzing and evaluating the sewerage system.

  • NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certificate Program (PACP)
  • Manhole Assessment Certificate Program (MACP)
  • Lateral Assessment Certificate Program (LACP).

ABES team design Wastewater Treatment Plant that meet regulatory agencies such as EPA requirement to protect the environment. So, be it the effluents coming from the industries, factories, farms, households or commercial establishments, ABES team helps to design the appropriate treatment system (physical, chemical or biological).

ABES, the Memphis based civil engineering firm plays an important role in securing for the citizens the precious commodity of water through effective distribution and wastewater management.

Yes, we help save the environment – in our very small way.

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