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ABES – An Engineering Firm With Soul


Memphis Mayor spotlights ABES

Making moves: Since coming into the Mayor’s Office, our administration has been laser-focused on cultivating and growing our minority and women-owned businesses. ABES Engineering is just one of the success stories from our focused efforts.

When Emmanuel Tuombe started ABES, it was a one-man firm. Fast-forward to where they are today, they have twelve employees and are well on their way to expanding the business into Nashville and Louisville. To quote Mr. Tuombe from a speech at one of our symposiums this past July, “I learned how to fish from the City of Memphis and hope to teach other entrepreneurs in Memphis how to fish.”

While we still have work to do, Mr. Tuombe’s story and many others like it are exactly the reason why we created the Office of Business Diversity and Compliance. In the future, I look forward to many more stories just like this one.

Teaching Me How to Fish

Thank you to the City of Memphis and our great business partners for teaching us how to fish. You are the real deal for us.

As you mentor us, we will mentor others. As you teach us how to catch big fish, we will teach others how to fish; and as we win more contracts we will continue hiring more employees and continue making a positive impact in Memphis and beyond.

Business Can Change Our Community

In June 2022, CEO Emmanuel Tuombe was invited to give a speech at the “We Mean Business Summit,” organized by the Memphis Office of Business Diversity and Compliance.

In his speech, Emmanuel shared his experience working with the City of Memphis 800 Initiative and how mentors in the community “taught him to fish” when it came to growing ABES.

We Are Ready to Serve Our City of Memphis

Nerve-racking moment reading the selection committee decision about our proposal! It was as intense as it gets, and ABES Engineering CEO Emmanuel Tuombe, P.E. and COO Brad Davis, PE invited the team to learn the decision together.

Fantastic news! Among 20 firms, ABES Engineering was selected in 2021 as one of four firms for the City of Memphis On Call Engineering Services for the next FIVE ?️ years.

Big milestone for us. We thank the City of Memphis and the City of Memphis Office of Business Diversity and Compliance for their continued support.

It Takes More Than a Village to Build a Successful Business

It takes the village, the City, County, and great partners along the way on the entrepreneurial journey to build a successful business.

We are grateful to the City of Memphis and Shelby County for the support they have provided to ABES to get to where we are today, and we are just getting started. Looking forward to what the future holds for us.

Thank you to all our amazing current partners and supporters. To our future partners and supporters: we can’t wait to connect with you. You are the real deal for us and we appreciate you.


Our team prides itself on delivering quality engineering solutions. Because of this approach, ABES Engineering has been recognized for excellence. The link below provides the full story on one of those honors – when CEO and founder Emmanuel Tuombe made his mark on the most famous house in the United States.

In 2020, Emmanuel was recognized on the local and national level as a game changer in the entrepreneurial field.

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