City of Memphis Stormwater Program Management

ABES Engineering is a program management partner for the Memphis Stormwater Quantity and Quality program that aims to alleviate flood-related issues. This is done by studying large drainage areas and developing solutions that fully consider the impact on surrounding communities. In addition to reviewing the modeling and master planning reports developed by other consultants, ABES is also managing the development of the asset management system and the integrated planning process, helping to prioritize capital project implementation, and managing the design of sub-consultants.

Charles Bartlett Rd. Culvert Replacement

ABES performed hydrology and hydraulic studies for the Charles Bartlett Road Culvert Replacement Project. The scope of work includes identifying the drainage area and calculating the design flows utilizing the USGS regression equation method. ABES used HY-8 inlet configuration and nomograph. A reinforced concrete box culvert was appropriately sized and constructed to handle the designed flow for a 50-year return period. Revisions to the design plans were reviewed and approved by the County before the finalization of the project.