City of Memphis Repaving/

Striping/Signing Project

ABES was selected by the City of Memphis to provide existing and proposed Pavement Marking and Signing plans for different road segments. The design of these plans utilized aerial photography and field verifications to show existing pavement markings, signs, curb lines, curb ramps, pavement widths, and utility light poles. The proposed designs were prepared according to the configurations provided by the City of Memphis. Existing roadway widths and existing signs were field verified by ABES. The proposed plans showed detection loop details for replacement of loops as well as existing and proposed video detection cameras. ABES provided quantities for the proposed items reflected in the plans (pavement markings, signs, and signal loop replacement items).

Replacement and Repair of 60,000 Linear Feet of Sidewalk in Memphis Uptown Area

ABES provided engineering services for the Sidewalk Replacement/Improvement Project. The scope of work included surveying the designated streets, determining areas where sidewalk replacement or new installation is needed, checking for ADA compliance at intersections and along the designated streets, and providing design for sidewalks, curb, and ADA compliant handicap ramps as required.