High Quality, Cost-Effective, and Timely Engineering Services, that’s ABES Engineering Inc.

ABES Engineering Inc is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) based in Memphis that provides engineering services for civil engineering projects. ABES is an engineering firm in Tennessee and Georgia. It is Pre-Qualified with TDOT and GDOT. ABES is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the CIty of Memphis, and Shelby County. ABES is a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise with TDOT, GDOT, TXDOT, ARDOT, PADOT, MSDOT. ABES is recognized as Locally Owned Small Business (LOSB) with the City of Memphis and Shelby County. We are steadily growing and establishing a record of quality work and responsive service on a wide range of civil engineering assignments. We are committed to delivering value to our clients and partners by providing high quality, cost effective and timely engineering services.

Although the firm is relatively young, we have built a solid record of successful projects. Our dedicated team of professionals brings many years of experience covering all of the disciplines needed for the success of our clients’ projects. We are committed to providing top quality services to local clients in the Memphis Metropolitan Area, Tennesse, and other regions of the United States. If you are seeking excellent results from an engineering team that you can trust, turn to ABES.

Our Strength

A fully-certified MBE firm, ABES brings a talented team of professionals to deliver value while helping project teams meet inclusivity goals.
Since 2014, ABES Engineering Inc has established itself as a successful engineering firm in Memphis and Shelby County delivering excellent results for its clients and building strong partnerships with local utilities, government agencies, private developers and engineering firms. ABES has the entire phalanx of work tools and an up-to-date suite of software including AutoCAD, ARC-GIS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, MicroStation, SWMM, and MS Office.

Our Focus

We focus on our client needs, quality and safety, and we become an integral part of our strategic partners and clients. We operate with the aim of meeting our client’s goals through added value and by providing innovative and timely technical solutions. Our services aim at eliminating rework and redundancies, besides completing the project within budget and time constraints. Our focus is on upholding the quality and safety during the execution of projects, in addition to meeting the customer goals.


We Strive For….

We aspire to be the best minority engineering consulting firm in the Memphis and Shelby County area and strive for excellence in each and every endeavour of ours.

Our Core Message

We remain committed to our job till it is completed. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients based on trust, professionalism, ethics and excellence. The values embodied by our highly skilled and passionate team of engineers ensure that the interests of our clients are upheld at all times. We implement our projects with a skilled and dedicated staff who are proud to be associated with us. We focus on quality, safety, and doing the right thing the first time and all the time.