“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” Winston Churchill.

As a premier civil engineering firm from Memphis, Tennessee and Shelby County area, ABES’s services are associated with the work carried out by contractors. We assist construction firms in the areas of construction management and quality assurance/quality control.

The execution of development projects involves a multitude of engineering disciplines working in close coordination. The onus of completing such projects is primarily on the construction firms with a proven track record. Construction firms have to be hands-on with the job as the final outcome has a bearing on the people’s lives and environment.

ABES, the suitable partner

Finishing a project within stipulated schedule can be a challenge for construction firms in terms of managing cost overruns and upholding the trust of executing agencies. We at ABES Engineering Inc are the suitable civil engineering firm from Memphis and Shelby County area to meet such a challenge head-on. We handle projects that come with tight deadlines and complex engineering challenges.

Our dedicated team of engineers understands your concerns, requirements, scope, schedules and deliverables. As a service partner, we ensure the assigned tasks are completed within schedule and cost constraints. We keep you involved with the nitty-gritty of the task(s) at hand and ensure you meet the contractual obligations.

Project Success

At ABES, we operate with the motto, ‘Project Success’ and do not rest until the assigned job is completed. We offer 360 degree turnkey solutions ranging from planning to the commissioning of projects while adhering to standard quality protocols and heeding to environmental concerns.