Inspection leads to the better judgement of quality.

ABES, the civil engineering firm in Memphis and Shelby County, has a quality team to provide Construction Engineering Inspection. ABES is prequalified with the Georgia Department of Transportation to provide construction engineering inspection services.

GDOT Prequalification

  • Construction supervision
  • Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plan (ESPCP) Preparation
  • Field Inspections for Compliance of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Device Installations
  • GSWCC Level II Certification “Certified Design Professional”
  • Worksite Erosion Control Supervisor (WECS)

ABES is certified to provide CEI services with Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). ABES has the following Construction Engineering Inspection Certification with Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT):

  • Concrete Field Certified Technician
  • Soil and Aggregate Certification
  • Asphalt Roadway Certification
  • Asphalt Plant Certification

The execution of any construction project within time and budget constraints requires timely inspection – right from building the foundation to the eventual completion of the project. The inspection leads to the monitoring of construction activities, workmanship, the methodology used, problems faced, and creates an interface between the stakeholders. The inspection report so prepared documents the entire phase of the construction activity along with the issues faced. The inspection activity generates trust about the quality of work.

The inspection covers areas….

The inspection team of ABES goes into each and every facet of construction such as –

  • Whether the actual construction is carried out as per the design/plan.
  • The material used is of the highest quality.
  • The procurement process for material and equipment is seamless and does not lead to any delay.
  • Proper safety measures are undertaken including the use of safety equipment to prevent any mishap.
  • Construction process complies with the regulations laid down by local, state and federal agencies

Ensure quality control at all levels

ABES’s inspection team abides by the motto of Project Success. We make sure the construction project gets completed within the stipulated time and cost while upholding strict quality control.