“In the conflict between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength, but by perseverance! – H.J. Brown.”

ABES, the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in Memphis and Shelby County provides hydrology and hydraulic services including rainfall runoff analyses and designs for drainage structures such as culverts, detention basins, ponds, manholes, and pipelines. The services ensure safe drainage and regulates the runoff to avoid flooding.

ABES uses the following software for hydrology and hydraulics.

  • EPA SWMM 5.1
  • HEC-GeoHMS
  • HEC-GeoRAS
  • ArcGIS


ABES possesses the experience and expertise to conduct the following activities related to hydrology and hydraulics –

  • Flood modeling using HEC-RAS steady flow condition to evaluate flood magnitudes and surface water levels.
  • Water quality (water temperature and nutrients) modelling using HEC-RAS 1D or 2D unsteady flow condition for comparison of pre and post development.
  • Sediment modelling using HEC-RAS 1D or 2D quasi-unsteady flow condition for sediment transport assessment and mitigation.
  • Rainfall runoff modelling using HEC-HMS that includes flow data calibration and extension.


Our experts dealing with the disciplines of hydrology and hydraulic engineering draw cost effective plans and work schedules based on their knowledge and rich experience. At ABES, we ensure strict adherence to the quality assurance protocols and guidelines laid down by the implementing agencies. We also comply with the strict and complex quality requirements as mandated by the regulatory bodies at the local, state and national level.


Our engineers and technicians keep themselves updated with the latest paradigms, practices, models, and tools related to hydrology and hydraulic engineering and ensure the completion of projects within timelines and budget.